Monday, April 26, 2010

Decision of Aim(s) for the year 2010-11

Here is the draft of the decision made for the aim(s) to be covered in the year 2010-11. Points can be updates or edited after suggestion provided. The aim(s) are as follows-
1. To bring political unite on this issue and put it in manifesto of every big party till the next 2014 election. This will put pressure on Indian Railways employee to implement it.
2. To bring truth of this technology (Advantage and disadvantage) to every citizen, so that they realize how important it is to bring this to India.
3. To prepare and recommend a strategy named "Proposed Strategy" by the end of this year so that dream of HSR can be seen in the eyes of IR as well.

Avi Sharma

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cost Management- The most difficult part of HSR !!

Most Developing nation would have gone ahead with the proposal of High-Speed Railways if finances could have been managed. But, Cost management is not the easiest part of High-Speed Railways and even countries like USA, CHINA, Japan etc had to put a strong plan to make it successful. No proposal of HSR have been done before without a fine strategy laid. For India, the game remains the same at this stage. To bring HSR in India may not turn out to be the easiest job because of additional disadvantage of dense population and less land available.
So, What's the way out if we want to bring out this technology to India?
The finances can be managed not just by a single rule being followed but a set of rules need to be followed. The absolutely necessity is to do the designing part our self. There is no way we can leave the designing on the foreign companies. This is the place where our countries talent need to utilized to the maximum. Then, in implementation we can save our cost to a large extent if this project is under IR management and Companies like JR, CAHSR etc are in tenders for individual jobs. We will require expertise in manufacture of coaches and locomotives, thus it will be not possible to save anything from that side. These are just a set of action can be used for making this project economical. The job recently done by CALIFORNIA HSR company is appreciable in making the HSR economical and customer oriented is something that Indian Railways can learn a thing or two from it.
It's obvious that foreign companies see you as a hub to earn money and it is our people who can help making things economical.
The more we delay, the more we pay for almost the same technology. There is not a big difference what Japan is running and what China is running. While, the former was constructed in 1962 and the later was constructed in 2008. But, the costs have gone up by few hundred time. So, If we start making it now then only we can save a lot of money!! Future Public Transportation will have HSR for sure, so why delay it ??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Call for Volunteer for IN-HSR !!

Organization doesn’t work without people who are committed to the cause. Organizations fail to get success without dedicated people who can volunteer. It time now for Indian High-Speed Railways to call out for volunteers who can help us through our movement. The future of Indian High-Speed Railways lies in our hands, if we can spread the facts in the public then we win and if we don't then we lose. We require committed strength which can work according to its own will.
Work to be allotted- You will be carefully examined and then only you will be give work. Work ranges from making website to contacting international railways and a lot more opportunity will open up as movement progresses. It will depend on time available on your side, professional capability etc.
What I earn? - Its something more than earning, it’s about guiding nation on a right path. We will award you with certificate but we want individual which can think over this certificated earning diseases. Its about earning a satisfaction that you have worked in something right for our nation. HSR will come to India, the question is when. If it comes 50 yrs later then we will end up giving 30-40% more money for same facilities. Its necessary for people to understand and we will have to take this task as a soldier to guide a nation.
Procedure to apply-
1. Make a simple resume in simplest doc or docx format whichever suits you. Resume must contact
(a) Reason for joining movement
(b) How can you contribute to our cause?
(c) Present Qualification and contact details
(d) Previous works details, if done.
You can add much more but we want it purely simple as we believe in content and not in decoration.

2. Suggest a tag line for the movement, as presently it is "Movement for Development". This step is to find out you skills with writing.

3. Send this to our email :
We require best people for this volunteer and request you to put best effort in you resume. Looking forward for your mail.

Avi Sharma

President, In-HSR

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Question and Answer with common citizens

Q1) Taxes will drastically increase, common man's pocket will burn.
Ans1) To manage the whole project's finances and make it feasible to even get considered is the main task of countries Engineers. Its important to realize that even in countries like USA, Japan etc, the main concern was the finance to be managed well. In Indian prospective, there are two solution that I can suggest at this moment of time-
  • BOT (Build operate transfer)
  • Utilizing our engineer's capability to reduce the tremondous cost.

The main problem of many of our bulky project have been that we have been always looking for a foreign help in everything of a project. In Indian High-Speed Railways, we can design the whole project ourself and ask for help from foreign hands for the purpose of implementation only. This can reduce our project cost to almost 30%. So as you can see this is the game of providing best service with minimum economics. Tax payer can sleep easy because projects are always managed in such a way that no additional money is to be taken from Citizen's pocket which is the basic rule of economics of a project.

Q2) Referring to your example, distance between Pune and Nagpur is 620km and avg speed of an HSR is 200 kmph. So, the person will reach pune in 3 hrs. So its taking him around 6 hrs of the day for moving up and down. Do you think it can work this way ?

Ans2) It was just an example, and that may not be necessary that it can or need to implemented. We just meant that it can done.Our plan is much above 200 kmph. Its 250 + kmph that we are aiming at. In India, if we introduce a 200 kmph then we need new locomotives and coaches for sure. And our existing line in most of the places may not be fit High-Speed rail to be moved over it. Its because-

  1. HSR is all about time. Our present system do not allow a bend of above 10 degree but with HSR we can preprare for a bend of over 30 degree.
  2. Our Rail line are quite old and to implement a system that move at a speed of 200 kmph may not be a wise idea from safety point of view.

So, it may not be appreciable to make a High-Speed railways which cannot work with its full efficiency. Thats why its important to make a new rail lines for using it with full efficiency of the system that is installed. IF you are looking at just the initial cost then obviously you may feel that its huge But be clear that project is analysed in economics of everything-

  • If this system is costing you the its saving you more than 15-20 million barrel/ year which means lowering of your oil prices.
  • Its reducing a huge cost of 1000 crore that our governement need to putting for Green house emission treaty.
  • Its made on the economics that the cost of construction and operating should be less or equal to all the advantages from the project.

Q3) Is Indian public ready for this bulky project ?

Ans3) To bring High-Speed Railways have already been on the papers from past two Railways budgets. The implementation have been the slowest on the ground. Our Indian public is ready for every technological advancement that too in a field which touches them everyday. The economics is the only area which need to be dealt with and truth remains economics of every project is the toughest part of a project to be accepted. This project will come sooner or later, so why delay another opprutunity of development ? The cost of construction increase with time. The cost at which Japan constructed Bullet train is 70 times less than that of Chinese High-Speed railways. So, the more wait the more its gonna cost us. People are ready for better service, faster trains and safer medium of transportation and if not then they need to be told about it !!

Q4) Recent studies have shown that that Mumbai-Ahmedabad is costing us aroung 32,000 crores, how can that be payed ?

Ans4) Firstly, this is not a official figure and thus should not be beleived. Secondly, its looks a very big amount but do you realize this includes cost of locomotives, coaches, new infrastructure like station, lines etc. So this should be seen in such a way that after initial investment, the further cost will tremendously decrease as we will have coaches, locomotives etc. Thirdly, this reports that stated these figures have not realized the following points which citizens should know-

  • This cost is based if we design, implement, tender most of the part with Foreign companies.
  • It includes the cost of locomotives, coaches, new infrastructure like station, lines etc. So this should be seen in such a way that after initial investment, the further cost will tremendously decrease as we will have coaches, locomotives etc.
  • The Mumbai-Ahmedabad is the toughest corridor and that will cost us the maximum.

We have tried to answer most of the queries but still if you feel that some question may have been ignored if already answered in previous question. We will always be ready to answer you question everytime and anytime.


Avi Sharma

Indian High-Speed Railways Team

The Real Change that comes with High-Speed Railways

Till now most of us have talked about High-Speed railways as that bulky financial project which will lead us to a financial crisis in our country. Even the authorities are not very optimistic about this project as well. But we have considered the advantage of this railways when it comes to our country.
Employment wise:
  • Almost 100 thousand construction jobs will be generated
  • 450 thousand permanent jobs will also be generated.

Energy wise

  • HSR takes 1/3 the energy of airplanes.
  • 1/5 the energy of automobiles.
  • Will save over 15-20 million barrel of oil/ year which straight away decreases cost of our petrol, diesel etc.

Growth of cities

  • HSR will help in growth of cities by connecting it with smaller towns and villages. For example, if I live in NAGPUR and get a job in Pune then I will prefer to stay in Nagpur and go to Pune everyday if it's economical and rapid for me to reach. That's what we aim for in HSR.
  • Growth of population will be under control for a particular cities, means our water supply schemes can be used for 4-5 decades as population growth will not be that much. So our tax money can be used in benefit of our cities and not in rebuilding the same things.

Economic Development

  • Better connectivity means better economic development, these are directly proportional.
  • International market will be open to us in a much bigger way.

These are just the impacts which we have considered and there will be thousand many impacts on our society and countries development. It is important that we support this movement and help in countries development. That's why we say:


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Indian High-Speed Railways Movement

Indian High-Speed Railways Movement
Movement for Development
Speed, Efficiency, Punctuality and good service is the most important things that we require for a good Railways/public transportation mean. Urbanization has not only triggered a need to connect villages for the purpose of equal development of villages at a good pace which is affected due to our public transport service. Secondly, the population growth of a city can be controlled if we can reach our office in some other city in an hour from my village. We think of higher speed, better service, punctuality and above all a pride for national railways. Now, we have decided to go in for a mass movement for Introduction of High-speed Railways in India. Our railways have been playing a lazy card in this regard, and they are still continuing preliminary study for over 4 years now. We would like to you invite to join our movement for upbringing of a new face of Railways which is top most modern in every facility you can talk about, something that can challenge the Airline Industry in our country which have got advantage due to poor service of Indian Railways. I am also enclosing some of the advantages of introduction of High-Speed Railways in India. Our main aims will be-
1. Put pressure on Government to act on this issue.
2. Put pressure on Railways to act on this issue as they have failed to complete preliminary study from past 5 years.
3. Make our own research for technological as well as economical solution.

Yours truly,

Avi Sharma
Indian High-Speed Railways Movement

Advantages of High-Speed Railways in India

Advantages of High-Speed Railways in India

The following details will give you an idea about the direct impact of High-Speed Railways. It is important to understand the advantages and convert it in prospective of economics of the whole plan.

Considerable advantages of high-speed trains

  • high capacity
  • environmental respect
  • high safety
  • Socio-development

The performance which supports high-speed for customers are:

  • Total time of travel - benefit a short travel time due to higher speed.
  • Frequency - profit of a high level of available transports, that what signifies short total travel time (in general, the half of the frequency is included in the total time of travel).
  • Reliability - profit of a reliable system of transport, which works independent in nearly each case of weather.
  • Accessibility - you can enter a train spontaneous without long check in times, which supports you high level of flexibility compared to Air transport.
  • Price - Economically more suitable than Air & Road transport.
  • Comfort - there is a higher level of comfort (in terms of space, accelerations, noise, light, etc.) than in the plane, bus, or an average car.
  • Safety - High speed trains are the safest transport medium.
  • "Freedom" - during your trip, you can go every where and every time you want, else in the restaurant, to the lavatory, or only for promenade, seat belts are not necessaries; there are no restriction on the part of electronic devices that can be used or not, everything can be used !!

HSR advantages for Society

  • Offers high capacity of transport - Up to 400,000 passengers per day - Reduce traffic congestion
  • Respects the environment - Efficient use of land (1/3 motorway - Energy efficiency (x 9 planes / x 4 cars) .
  • Helps economic development.
  • High Speed Rail promotes logical territory structure and helps contain urban sprawl.
  • It helps in reducing population growth in major cities.